Clinical Infectious Diseases, 2006 

The Smart Search engine allows users to ask specific questions and find focused answers, either within the textbook or through PubMed. The extensive treatment focus of the Web site and the format make it a unique reference, compared with other print- and Web-based references. Comprehensive material not found in other textbooks or other online references sets this reference apart from others already on the market. is a resource that should be a part of every practicing infectious diseases clinician's armamentarium.      

Australian Society for Infectious Diseases (ASID) Newsletter, July 2006 

The website not only provides direct access to the appropriate sections from Volumes I and II, but it also offers access to original research, and prompts permit user to ask questions regarding causation, diagnosis, and treatment. The website has numerous clinical vignettes, which are useful for the practicing clinician. Because of its access to a number of databases and its intuitive search strategies, the website is one resource that every physician who treats patients with infections needs. Overall the format is a further step away from traditional hardcover textbook, more towards a cyberspace portal; directly linking the specialist with the rapidly changing pace of the infectious disease literature.     

Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy, 2006 

Over a hundred authors contributed to the book, their expertise covering a range of disciplines, including not only microbiology and infectious disease but pharmacology, dermatology and emergency medicine. This diversity, coupled with the fact that the authors were from a range of different countries ensures that the book offers a broad perspective of the subject. 

Clinical Infectious Diseases, 2006 

Although the Web site provides access to all of the texts in this series, its real strengths are the search engine and its access to various sources of data. Because of its access to a number of databases and its intuitive search strategies, Antimicrobial Therapy and Vaccines Web site is one resource that every physician who treats patients with infections needs.

Rave Reviews of the Book

JAMA 2nd edition:

The first edition was an excellent inaugural textbook.  The second edition is a dramatic improvement.  It is better organized and more complete than the first with sections expanded in remarkable detail.  It is a potentially wonderful resource for the libraries of universities and physicians offices. I would highly recommend it for clinical infectious disease fellows.  I expect this text to be quite popular and to find a lasting home in the collection of all physicians and health care providers interested in infectious diseases.

Clinical Infectious Disease 2nd edition:

All the chapters are succinctly written, well-organized, and cover the material well.  One unique feature of this textbook is that it provides access to an internet website that extends and augments the contents of the chapter.  The website contains material not in the written text including photographs and information on historical aspects of infectious diseases.  The website will allow access to articles and reviews published even after the textbook has been released.  We may be witnessing an evolutionary process in which the traditional hardcover textbook is transformed into a cyberspace portal.

New England Journal of Medicine 1st edition:

This reference book has numerous attractive features. The overall content is clearly reflective and in each section the chapters on pathogens and drugs are presented in alphabetical order. The chapters are generally well written; the tables are clear, well organized and comprehensive, and the bibliographies are current. Controversies in management are discussed. This book is a welcome addition to the reference literature and we have recommended it as a graduation gift to our departing infectious disease fellows.

Journalof Antimicrobial Chemotherapy 1st edition:

The book is to be commended for its detailed and up-to-date coverage of antimicrobials and therapeutics.

American Journal of Health Systems Pharmacy 1st edition:

Within the field of infectious disease and antimicrobials arrives a new excellent textbook and resource designed to meet the clinical demands of physicians and pharmacists. This book clearly exceeds that goal since its content will likely appeal to an even broader group of medical disciplines, such as respiratory therapy and nursing and to clinicians ranging from the expert to the novice. The book¡¦s strengths are its thoroughness and organization noteworthy for a first edition. With no disrespect intended, this book is so user-friendly I think it could be entitled Infectious Diseases and Antimicrobial Therapies for Dummies. 170 chapters, many of which are authored by clinicians recognized as the top of their specialty. Antimicrobial Therapy and Vaccines is a welcome edition to the shelf of the clinician¡¦s library-where it should not rest for very long."

HIV Clinical Manual

HIV Clinical Manual is divided into four sections - an introductory section on the natural history of HIV infection and 3 other sections dealing with antiretroviral therapy, HIV related complications, and the management of opportunistic infections.

A notable feature of the manual is an in-depth and detailed review of HIV related complications, referred to as HIV syndromes. Most existing books when dealing with HIV related complications, focus on categorical discussion of the pathogens or diseases of the individual organ system. The section on HIV Syndromes is symptom-complex focused and the chapter titles are based on clinical presentation. The range of topics covered is reflective of the clinical scenarios that the clinician may encounter. In other words, the approach is presentation-oriented and meant to facilitate decision making.

A separate section has been devoted to the management of opportunistic infections that provides specific and ¡§bottom-line¡¨ information regarding the drugs of choice and alternative agents or the treatment and prophylaxis of these infections. The manual is scientifically rigorous, yet clinically useful. The information in the HIV Clinical Manual will also be available on the website,