Table 4: Overview of the Infectious Complications of IL-2 Receptor Antagonists

  Risk Impact on Prophylaxis Impact on Laboratory Monitoring
Bacterial Infections No increased risk during induction (29) Standard prophylaxis None
BK Virus   No increased risk N/A Standard BK screening protocols
CMV   No increased risk during induction (43, 20) increased risk compared to ATG during rejection therapy (6) Standard prophylaxis or preemptive protocols None
EBV / PTLD   No increased risk (43, 29) N/A Standard EBV screening protocols for EBV D+/R- SOT recipients
Fungal Infections No increased risk (6) None None
HCV/HBV   Data is mixed, demonstrating both increased risk and no risk of recurrent HCV infection N/A for HCV, Follow standard protocols for HBV prophylaxis Standard monitoring
HSV/HZV No increased risk None None
Pneumocystis No increased risk (6, 8, 33) Standard prophylaxis N/A