Jens Jørgen Christensen, MD, MDSc  

Department of Clinical Microbiology

Slagelse Hospital

Copenhagen, Denmark



Department of Clinical Microbiology

Slagelse Hospital

Ingemannsvej 18

4200 Slagelse,




               Jens Jørgen Christensen, M.D., D.M.Sc., is a graduate from University of Copen-hagen (1980). He performed medical training in, especially, internal medicine prior to focusing on clinical microbiology in which he was recognized specialist in 1992. His thesis on Moraxella (Branhamella) catarrhalis: Clinical, microbiological and immunological features in lower respiratory tract infections was defended 1999. Dr. Bent Korner and he recognized in mid-80s the existence of what eventually became a new species, Aerococcus urinae, and has later on extensively described facets of this species. In relation to this he was guest researcher at CDC, Atlanta in 1995. The species designation Aerococcus christensenii was dedicated to him for this work.

               He has been board member of Young Microbiologists and Danish Society of Clinical Microbiology.

               He has been head of Department of Clinical Microbiology, Statens Serum Institut in Copenhagen focusing on as well newer methods within microbiology, educational aspects, and diagnostic aspects of biological preparedness. He is Adjunct Associate Professor of Roskilde University Center.