Jacqueline L. Bowlin, MS

Department of Neurology,
University of Colorado
E. 19th Avenue
Aurora, CO 80045

I received a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Northern Colorado (UNC) in molecular and cellular biology with a minor in chemistry followed by a Master of Science degree from UNC in biological sciences with course work emphasis in pathology.  I have been studying the molecular pathogenesis of VZV infection for over two years under the excellent guidance and supervision of Dr. Don Gilden.  During that time, our lab has shown that VZV DNA does not accumulate in VZV-infected human neurons in vitro up to 14 days post infection (dpi). Additionally, paired-end directional RNA sequence analysis has revealed that the VZV transcriptome profile is similar to that found in productively infected fibroblasts. Currently, I am extensively participating in work to develop an in vitro model of latent VZV infection.