David Paterson, M.D.  


Infectious Disease Division

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

Suite 3A, Falk Medical Building

3601 Fifth Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA  15213



      David Paterson is Director of the Antibiotic Management Program and Associate Professor of Medicine within the Division of Infectious Diseases at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.  He graduated from the University of Queensland Medical School, Brisbane, Australia, in 1988. He completed internal medicine residency and an Infectious Disease fellowship in Australia before coming to Pittsburgh as a visiting researcher (under the mentorship of Victor Yu and Nina Singh) in 1997. In 1999, Dr Paterson became director of Infectious Diseases and Infection Control at UPMC’s newly established hospital in Palermo, Italy. In September 2001 he returned to Pittsburgh to direct the hospital’s Antibiotic Management Program.

      He is the author of more than 70 peer-reviewed publications. He has written editorials in Clinical Infectious Diseases and Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology and has written more than 15 book chapters. Recent honors include the American Society for Microbiology’s International Young Investigator of the Year in 2000.

      His main research interests are in the epidemiology, laboratory detection and clinical relevance of mechanisms of resistance in Gram negative bacilli. He also studies the utilization of antibiotics and their impact on antibiotic resistance, and the effects of adherence/compliance with antimicrobials on the advent of resistance. He has clinical expertise in the treatment of infections in transplant recipients and the management of bacterial and fungal infections in critically ill patients.