Dr. Antoni Torres

Cap de Servei de Pneumologia i Al·lèrgia Respiratòria
Hospital Clínic de Barcelona
C/ Villarroel, 170

Tel: +34 93 227 57 79
Fax: +34 93 227 98 13



Dr. Antonio Torres Martí has been actively working in the field of biomedical investigation since 1985. His curriculum demonstrates the solid formation he has acquired in investigational work. This formation has been achieved by two pillars of contrasting prestige: the group of Pneumology of the Hospital Clínic and the Department of Anesthesia of the University of Harvard in the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, USA. From 1987-1988 Dr. Torres undertook a stage there as a “research fellow” in the University of Harvard where he studied the bases of biomedical investigation developing new exploration techniques of muscular function by sonomicrometry in an animal model with sheep. Dr. Torres published the experimental studies performed in this model on post-thoracotomy muscular function and the evaluation of different methods of mechanical ventilation. The results of these studies led to his being awarded with the Edward Shanoff Award for investigation in Harvard.

 On his return to Barcelona, and within the clinical setting of the Unit of Intensive Respiratory Care of the Department of Pneumology of the Hospital Clínic, Dr. Torres has developed several lines of investigation in the field of respiratory infections and artificial ventilation which may be summarized under the following headings and associated to his 10 most relevant publications.