Zhao-Rong Lun, Ph.D.



Professor and Director

Center for Parasitic Organisms

School of  Life Sciences

USun Yat-Sen University

Guangzhou 510275 China



Zhao-Rong Lun (伦照荣) received his M.Sc and Ph.D. in Zoology/Parasitology from Sun Yat-Sen University, Guangzhou, China.  He did his  postdoctoral training at the Swiss Tropical Institute, Basel, Switzerland and University of Toronto, Canada. Dr. Lun has been appointed as Research Scientist in Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Assistant Professor, Lecturer, Associate Professor and Professor in Sun Yat-Sen University. Dr. Lun is currently Professor and Director of the Center for Parasitic Organisms in the School of Life Sciences, Sun Yat-Sen University. He has been well-supported by research grants and has published extensively in international journals. He is most interested in the epidemiology of zoonotic pathogens; innate immune response of host to parasitic infection, drug resistance, gene function and evolution of parasitic protozoan, mainly animal trypanosomes as well as Toxoplasma gondii,, Leishmania  and Giardia lamblia..