Julius Schachter, Ph.D.


Professor of Laboratory Medicine

University of California, San Francisco

Director, Chlamydia Research Laboratory

Mailing address:

1001 Potrero Ave, Bld 30 Rm 416

San Francisco, CA 94110

Tel: (415) 824 5115

Fax: (415) 821 8945



Dr Julius Schachter is a Professor of Laboratory Medicine at University of California, San Francisco. He is the Editor of the journal Sexually Transmitted Diseases. His current research focuses on the epidemiology and clinical manifestations of chlamydial infections, as well as the evaluation of newly developed diagnostic methods for chlamydial infections. Dr Schachter has published more than 500 articles on his studies of Chlamydiae. His former appointments included Director, World Health Organization Collaborating Center for Reference and Research on Chlamydiae from 1978 - 2003; and Chair, Sexually Transmitted Diseases Diagnostic Initiative of the UNAIDS Programme from 1997 - 2001.