Germ tube +

Pinched off tubule:

NOT germ tube +


Yeast on BAP

Not a pathogen except in vaginal cultures and blood; rarely other sources

@ Ellen Jo Baron  2007

Colony opaque white to yellow

Catalase +


Mucoid yeast may be  

   Cryptococcus (white)

  or Rhodotorula (pink)

Often confused for  -->  staph make Gram stain!

Cryptococcus show capsule in India Ink, pink halo on Gram stain, urease postive

 ▪ If feet, it is Candida albicans

 ▪ If no feet, can be Candida albicans or

   other yeast --> perform germ tube test

 ▪ Candida (Torulopsis)

    glabrata grows poorly on BAP

     tiny colonies on first day

 ▪ Yeast CAN grow on MacConkey

48 h growth on Mac